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Welcome to REDECON 2014

Civil Engineering has been an aspect of life since the beginning of human civilization, and it is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving problems of society. Across the board, every country has witnessed considerable progress in its economy in the past few decades. Most of the infrastructure development sectors moved forward, however not to the required extent due to various challenges faced during the construction phase.

As the saying goes, "Time is Money", just fits right for to the Construction Industry, from paper to physical form it takes forever to complete. There has been steady and continuous growth in the number of inventions and related innovations to transform and speed up the construction process. From rebar manufacturing to curing of concrete, there has been substantial investment done both in terms of intellectual time and finance, to reduce overall project duration and increase profits. One such development has been in PRECAST technology, in recent years, precast building technology has rapidly gained a foothold in the market. From a socio economic aspect, this means that the demand for housing is increasing fast. Housing shortage is perhaps one of the most formidable challenges before the Government, and one of the practical solutions would be the use of precast structures.

Regions prone to seismic activity requires holistic solutions, and precast offers solutions that have been tested world wide in real time conditions. Also, considering the monsoon period which lasts for several months, adds to the challenge of meeting deadlines. Hence precast members can be manufactured at a safe location(s) and transported to the site for assembling. The right catalyst to bring speed, quality and efficiency into construction would be precast, and it is going to play a crucial role moving forward.

ACCE (I) - Bangalore Centre, in its constant endeavor to serve the Civil Engineering Fraternity, is conducting International Seminar on current topics of interests and need. ACCE (I) Bangalore Centre has been organizing REDECON - A National Seminar and Exhibition event in Bangalore on a regular basis since 2005, on varied topics. Five such events have been held thus far: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. All of them have been overwhelming successes and have been enthusiastically received and attended by the civil engineering professional community in the Country, so much so, it is an eagerly looked forward to event by one and all.

REDECON 2014 focuses on the increasingly important aspect of precast technology in modern times; that provides practical, reliable and engineering answers to affordable and mass housing. REDECON 2014 is intended to bring together practicing engineers, scientists, specifiers, researchers, manufacturers, applicators and others from around the country to share their knowledge and experience on current developments in precast technology. The event has developed a tradition of combining research and development aspects with practical case studies, aimed at identifying and communicating both tomorrow's technology and today's construction solutions. The exchange of knowledge

This seminar continues to seek to extend the sound base of theory and practice in precast technology, through both theoretical and experimental studies, and through good case study literature. The range of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates at the seminar continues to indicate its truly International nature, with representation from numerous research and industrial organizations, manufacturers and delegates from all over the World.

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